Professional Game Developer

JetDogs Studios is an experienced independent game developer focused on unique, original, great looking games for PC and authorized for Mac, iPhone/iPad, PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS software development.

Our games are translated into different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Our mission is to continue to leverage our experience, creativity, and discipline to create top quality products. One of our main priorities, over and above all, is to make our players really satisfied with our work and to be always open for partnership!

JetDogs Studios at Game-Access 2010, Brno, 1-2.10.2010

JetDogs Studios at Game Developers Session 2011, Prague, 18-20.11.2011

JetDogs Studios at White Nights: Mobile Games 2014, St.Petersburg, June 26-27, 2014


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